sicsic083 – SicSic Recipes – A Kitchen Tape Series

No.06 – Pink Mashed Potatoes, green Asparagus, caramelized Onions, and Sesame Tofu by Jo & Sophie (knertz shows, Frankfurt & Darmstadt)


This tape is homedubbed and released as a handnumbered edition of 40.

Travelling musicians need to eat, promoters need to COOK. In honor of these unsung heroes, we’ll launch the SICSIC KITCHEN TAPES SERIES.These tapes will be available for free when ordering a whole batch of tapes.With every new batch a new cook & his typical recipe will be introduced!

Meals on Reels Edition 6 – knertz show chefs with a real treat
ATTENTION: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE STYLE! (If the tapes are gone, they are gone …)