DSRLines – Spoel (sicsic079, C62)


David Edren’s electronic music isn’t just a retro-futuristic gadget. Despite the analogue
synthesizers and all the (pseudo-)nostalgic sentiments they may provoke – this is NOW!-music.
NOW as in: let’s have a bath, NOW!, let’s look into the sun with eyes closed and watch the psychedelic insides of our eyelids, NOW! This is, let’s put it straight, music to focus and to be in
this very moment, NOW!

Side A:
A1. Spoel
A2. Lijnstuk
A3. Gamut
A4. Zijspoor

Side B:
B1. Patroonverlater
B2. Alcateline
B3. Modulater
B4. Raderwerk


Additional Infos:

all tracks improvised live by d.edren.

tracks A1, A3, A4, B1, B2 recorded feb 3rd 2014 at ll150.
tracks A2 and B4 recorded nov 25th 2013 at ll150.
tracks B3 and B5 recorded jan 20th 2014 at CEM.


Each cover is unique and handcrafted by Csenge Csató http://csengecsato.tumblr.com

Released on homedubbed chrome tapes in an edition of 90.


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