Köhn – A Forest of Drones and Pulses (sicsic065, C40)

Two sides of Electronic-Music-Maverick Köhn presented onto one tape: A mind-melting
studio work-out and some dazzling live performances! Ina-GRM take note, there’s a new


1 – Drones and pulses
2 – A Secret Show
1 – Audioplant
2 – Free State O

Additional Infos:

‘Drones and pulses’ was made at home with Doepfer’s Dark Energy only.
It was recorded on PC using Ableton Live 8.
‘A Secret Show’ is taken from a live show in Melle,
‘Audioplant’ is taken from a live show in Antwerp
‘Free State O’ is taken from a live show in Ostend.

Equipment used: Korg Monotribe, Doepfer
Dark Energy, Bahman keyboard, Reel Echo, EHX Worm, Korg Kaoss Pad I, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-550,
Edirol PCR-30 Controller Keyboard, Behringer Mixing Desk, Vox Dynamic Looper VDL-1,
handmade contact microphone and Delsey Briefcase. The live bits were recorded onto Edirol R-09HR.

Released on homedubbed chrome tapes in an edition of 100 on 22 November 2013.
Artwork by Katya Velkkova


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