Broken Machine Films presents Album 01 Part 01 – The Time – Freshman (sicsic064, C30)

Worn-out audio-snapshots from all kinds of known and unknown origin to trigger your
subconscious. The pictures the music may evoke in your mind depend most likely on
your own past, present and future. It’s a pleasant yet uncanny experience, but worth
the effort. So close your eyes and take the trip!

01 countdown…
02 70’s drive-in at sunset
03 introduction to drumming, part 1
04 to andrew, his mother was was almost the whole world
05 spiritual mastery… the journey begins.
06 intermission – kidzzz
07 social acceptability
08 chico video
09 black sister, white brother 1
10 media
11 missing fuzzy 1

01 missing fuzzy 2
02 black sister, white brother 2
03 carnal college
04 intermission – sunshine later in life (edit)
05 embassy
06 hot savannah nights 1
07 hot savannah nights 2
08 introduction to drumming, part 2
09 kisses for the late 80’s lasses
10 nelson’s liquor mart
11 rectal reaming, volume #7

Additional Infos:

Released on homedubbed chrome tapes in an edition of 100 on 22 November 2013.
Artwork by Katya Velkova.


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