Atrocius Neighbour / Obsidian Pond / Komodo Haunts – Secondary Efflorescence on the Dam of the Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station (sicsic063, C70)

Sonic horn of plenty from Obsidian Pond and Komodo Haunts who also collaborate as
Atrocious Neighbour on this one for the first time. Over an hour of psychedelic jams
that cover all sorts of sublime styles and sounds: from faux gamelan style meditations
to deep n’ dark atmospheres.

01 – Atrocious Neighbour – Bird’s Gullet Plant Material
02 – Atrocious Neighbour – Small Fingers Fell Out of the Wall
03 – Obsidian Pond – B‡ – Willow Palisade – Orbits

01 – Komodo Haunts – Pearl River
02 – Atrocious Neighbour – Growth of Chard
03 – Atrocious Neighbour – Tama Night Crawling
04 – Atrocious Neighbour – Grape of the Land

Additional Infos:

Released on homedubbed chrome tapes in an edition of 100 on 22 November 2013.
The Neighbour are O. Tutty and A. Pierce, Komodo Haunts and Obsidian Pond respectfully
Artwork by A. Pierce


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