Reedbeds – Basement Grotto (sicsic040, C30)


Carter Mullin pulls off some electric 6-string-meditations that perfectly fit to the rainy winter we’re expecting to go through. No snowflakes dancing from above – just tristesse pouring down to get soaking wet in. Take cover underneath Reedbeds’ sonic umbrella to ponder on your love lost or the one you just fell for.

01 – Elegy by heavy Eyelids
02 – Memory Dub
03 – Your Hand in Mind
04 – Reverie Sheep
05 – Please leave me here
01 – Bedside
02 – Refrain
03 – Windowsill
04 – The Rain comes whenever I wish
05 – Petal Steel


Additional Infos:

Reedbeds is Carter Mullin

Artwork by Daehyun Kim (

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 85.




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