Cycle Of The Seasons – 4Way-Split (sicsic039, C56)

Every circle has its end, every season has its sound. From Least Carpet’s blossoming folk- figurines, to Pretty Lightning’s humid Delta Blues in full bloom on to Jon Collin who’s dropping austere ’n tender notes like leaves out of his acoustic guitar. And finally there’s the cold ’n grim soundscapes of Adam Svensons’ Karnak Temple. What more can you ask for? The crops didn’t fail, Sergeant Howie’s returning to the mainland!


Spring: Least Carpet
01 – Frühjahr I
02 – Frühjahr II
03 – Frühjahr III

Summer: Pretty Lightning
01 – Swamp
02 – Mud on my Boots
Autumn: Jon Collin
01 – Croftingman’s Dead
Winter: Karnak Temples
01 – Winter ConstellationsAdditional Infos:Least Carpet:

Pretty Lightning: Recorded and mixed by Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas, Saarbrücken / Dec 2011

Karnak Temples: Recorded at Fort Raccoon, Seattle 2012, Adam Svnson: guitar / Thanks to the seven sisters of the Pleiades.


Artwork by Christian Schoppik

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 91.




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