Bus Gas – Train Out (sicsic038, C32)


Tender and warming drones from Nebraska. Tape buyers of the western world keep cocooning! At least once in a while. I mean, no offense but seriously: There’s no need to be busy all the time, no need to criticize constantly on whatever your mass media informed mind is fed up with. Every now and then it’s just okay to calm down and let it all slip away. Bus Gas’ soothing sounds are the perfect antidote to all the exhausting plans you’ve been up to lately and whatever global concerns you consciously tried to cover. Responsibility is an overestimated concept anyway! Give it a break – you’re welcome.


A: Sex Waves

B: Ghost Bros

Additional Infos:

BUS GAS WAS – Jon Augustine (bass guitar) / Terry McGinn (fiddle) / Daniel Nickle (guitar, tapes) / Eric Nyffeler (synth, guitar)

Speacial Thanks: Mitch Putnam, Daniel Voigt, Our Brothers in Masses and our Brothers in Kill County, Long Live Ji Chi.



Artwork by Zach Hobbs

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 85.




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Bus Gas – Sex Waves (Preview) from Bus Gas on Vimeo.