Sunhiilow / Baldruin Split (sicsic036, C42)

Frankly, Valérie Magisson’s music is both: mystifiying and enlightening. Her ambient miniatures sound  familiar yet weird and strange. As if ghostlike voices are whispering long forgotten tales into your ears. Spellbinding. Baldruin’s slightly nightmarish playground orchestra is the perfect equivalent to Sunhiilow’s music. Again there is all the individual notes swirling like glowworms through a late summer night held together by Johannes Schebler’s talent for frail and creepy soundscapes.


A: Sunhiilow
01 – Urihi
02 – Amphibian Dance
03 – Communion of the Lost Lives
04 – Coconut Hut
05 – Le Rite du Serpent Corail
06 – Uncontacted
07 – Bones, Feathers and You
08 – Metamorphosis
09 – Love Gravitation
B: Baldruin

01 – Verwirrung des Gefühls
02 – Zerfall des Magnetfeldes
03 – Das Geheimnis der Alabasterküste
04 – Die Physik des Animal-Magnetismus
05 – Sturz der Sirenen
06 – Das Mirakel


Additional Infos:

Sunhiilow is Valerie Maggison

Baldruin is Johannes Schebler


Artwork by Johannes Schebler

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 85.



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S.O.L. Sound (JP)

Bimbo Tower (FR)

Le Rite du Serpent Corail from sunhiilow on Vimeo.