mise_en_scene / Gerendás vs. Voigt (sicsic033, C40)

Imagine being locked in an anechoic dark room. The void space around you doesn’t respond to any of your actions – and the only thing you begin to notice is the sound of your brainwaves. More and more your inner ear is hooked to a pulsating rhythm emerging from deep within your head. If that doesn’t freak you out you’re ready for some mise_en_scene.
In comparison to being challenged by frequencies from within, Thomas Gerandás (aka Skullorian Sound Sculptures) and Daniel Voigt chose a more comfortable way and exchanged and manipulated each other’s soundfiles to end up with two pieces of damaged noise. A slightly deranged musical dialogue for your listening pleasure. Deep fried Hering on a crushed skull! Nothing tastes alike!Tracklist:

01 – Variation I
02 – Variation II
03 – Variation III



Gerendás vs Voigt

01 – Transit
02 – Burnt Cop


Additional Infos:

mise_en_scene is Shay Nassi – modular synth, electronics, process and mixes.
composed in 2012.
Thomas Gerendás:
recorded at Skulldomain in 2011/12
Skullorian Sound Skulptures is Thomas Gerendás
Contact me here: bergendy@web.de
Daniel Voigt:


Artwork by Johannes Schebler

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 111.


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