Günter Schlienz – Tape Studies (sicsic031, C60)

Günter Schlienz is a quiet handed modular scientist, building his own instruments to create quality cosmic sounds. But we won’t spill the beans about the technical details and the specific process it took to cook up this high octane ambient music. All we are allowed to share ist that it’s all about Reel-To-Reel and Echos n’ Delay and Modular Synthesizers – but the exact recipe’s locked up in a secret Hobbykeller-Laboratory located somewhere unknown in Stuttgart. All you can do is: get some of Günter’s sonic narcotics, plug in your headphones and travel space without leaving the comfort zone of your couch! !Tracklist: A:

presentation one

reel-to-reel & modular synthesizer


presentation two

tape echo & modular synthesizer


presentation three

four track cassette & electric organ



presentation four

two reel-to-reel & modular synthesizer



Additional Info & Credits:

all tracks recorded spring 2012. mastered by niko.

Artwork by Johannes Schebler

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 85.


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