Wolf Fluorescence – There Is A Mirk Inside Her Which She Must Tint Brighter or Collapse… (sicsic024)

Music haunted with memories of times past. Dark soundscapes to muse on chances missed, roads taken wrong and hopes failed. You’re still young but aged by experience and ever since your surviving in the shadow of your échec. And even having read your Wittgenstein and knowing about that „the world of the happy is quite different from that of the unfortunate“ you still don’t know how to proceed without circling around your memories like a moth around a lightbulb. Well, relaxe – you’re not the only one.!



1. “The Youth is easily deceived…
2. A Rose Worth its Weight in Gold
3. Columns of Feedback
4. The Glorious Night
1. Lufthansa
2. The Sultan
3. The Spire
4. …Because it is quick to hope”

Additional Info & Credits
Wolf Fluorescence is Ross Devlin

All instruments recorded are figments of the imagination, and are performed as such.
All credit on The Glorious Night goes to Elise Grisoni


“I planted all my reservations, hopes, dreams, inconsistencies, beneath this lime-sick brick wall decaying in the pallid sunlight.  Days of years spent waiting in the shadows of prayers tumbling like flower petals unto me from unknown heights into the fire that I grew at my feet to protect me from violent nights.  Eyes sparkling; glistening, only hungry they peer around corners hoping to greet me.  Beneath the wall I stay.  Watching.  The glorious night, from which this flower blooms, sometime to devour all mankind.”

Artwork by Johannes Schebler

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 85.


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