Asio Otus – Taivaallisia Tulia (sicsic023, C42)

Equipped with improvised acoustic recordings – electronically processed, sliced, looped and mixed – the Asio Otus begins its flight with the first shades of twilight to look for UFOs in the finnish sky and detect alien lifeforms. But the owls are not what they seem and we highly suspect Taneli Lehto and Jaakko Padatsu to be the otherworldly creatures they pretend to find in outer space. The far out Sunburned-Sternenmädchen-Sounds are giving proof that the duo – if not of alien nature itself – must have been abducted at least once. Anyway: the truth is out there and the music’s on tape for now!

Additional Info & Credits
All music received, played, processed, mixed and mastered by Jaakko
Padatsu and Taneli Lehto during spring 2011 in Oulu, Finland.

The prologue is an excerpt from an interview with Atte Särkelä in 2009.

Field recording in track 7 recorded in Snooker Time, Oulu.

Music inspired by the UFO sightings in Pudasjärvi, Finland during the early
seventies and the photography of Atte Särkelä documenting these phenomena.

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This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 85.

Cover Art by Christian Schoppik
Layout by Johannes Schebler


A1.    Prologi (Prologue)
A2.    Intiaanihumanoidi ilmoitti vuoden (Indian humanoid announced the year)
A3.    Tohtori Wiikin teoriat tiskivedestä ja salamasta (Dr. Wiik’s theories concerning the dishwater and the lightning)
A4.    Pesuvettä hangella (Dishwater on the snow)
A5.    Mätäsojan humanoidi (The humanoid of Mätäsoja)

B1.    Hattuilmiö liittyy toiseen suurempaan ilmiöön (The hat-phenomenon is related to a larger phenomenon)
B2.    Tiskivesiteoria kiistetään Oulussa (The dishwater theory is denied in Oulu)
B3.    Taivaallisi tulia (Heavenly fires)

Translation of the prologue:

”That there are hats flying in the sky…and obscure things…It has not become clear what they are. There’s a certain percentage of those. But then the denigration ceased and later we found out that we are right. That’s how it is.”



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