Bear Bones, Lay Low / Hellvete – Split (sicsic020, C32)

It’s a well known secret: Sylvester Anfang II is a bunch of beerdrinking & dopesmoking freaks with a deep love for underground aesthetics and a handful of solo-projects. Asked for some psychedelic jams Ernesto & Glen shared the love soon after with two sidelong jams.Ernesto’s going upstream Nung River but instead of facing his enemy deep in the the jungle his journey ends in the arms of half a dozen amazones serving him some sweet leafs. Well, that’s at least how we think that dope n’ dreamy session sounds like. „So, Bear Bones, what’s up? Layin’ Low?“ – „No way, I’m just chillin’ y’know!?“
Instead of reaching out (to another spliff) Glen’s exploring inner worlds. Listening deep and taking cues from Pauline Olivieros, La Monte Young, Yoshi Wada and other drone veterans his 15 minute-meditation is perfect to contemplate about why the heck Werner Herzog didn’t use Hellvete to score his cave of forgotten dreams lately?


A. Bear Bones, Lay Low – Uotarf III (14:30)

B. Hellvete – Dachligt (15:29)


Additional Info & Credits

Uotarf III – recorded by Ernesto Gonzalez in 2011. Das Def Geräusch.

Dachligt – recorded on 19/11/’11 by Hellvete (harmonium, GEM PK 4900, effects) & Dachligt (GEM PK 4900, effects)
Cover Art by Samuele Bastianello

This tape is released as a handnumbered edition of 99.






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