lunchforyou / Trupp zur Sonne / Jewels – Split (sicsic016, C50)


Side A

01 – lunchforyou – me is the asphalt (08:43)
02 – lunchforyou – follow me (15:32)

Side B

01 – Trupp zur Sonne – Traktorstrahl (09:18)
02 – Trupp zur Sonne – Geistig Flockig (06:26)
03 – Jewels – Cheewa (05:53)

Additional Info & Credits

Music by Johannes Lauxen & Tobias Fischer

Cover Art by Johannes Schebler



Listen here!

Trupp zur Sonne

We’re proud to present this 3way split tape that travels through a variety of moods & styles.
First up is lunchforyou, a rhinestones cowboy from the delta, where the Main & the Rhine streaming into one another. Between the banks and the curbstones this guy delivers a highly intimate stream of consciousnesses blues – in fact a blackened & stripped down electrified version of it. Because it’s not always sunny around …Next up is Trupp zur Sonne. This mysterious unit will take you on an adventurous journey through eerie soundscapes, almost concréte collages of voices, strange samples & unidentifiable instrumentation. You’ll find yourself looking for the light while stepping deeper into the black realm of unknown regions. There is no light in this Zone but the desire for epiphany.

Jewels closing this tape with a short & pointed riser from the blues bottom line. Smoked out & boozed up – ready to hit repeat.

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