Horzes – It’s about apples (sicsic008, C-40)

[audio:https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D6248660_0710350_67271,https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D6248660_0710350_67273,https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D6248660_0710350_67279|titles=Marburg zoned out,The last drop is always the sweetest,Neurofolter Weg]A   – Marburg zoned out – 15:48
B1 – The last drop is always the sweetest – 07:48
B2 – Neurofolter Weg – 10:21




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What’S the hack about

Horzes is a collaborative effort of Tobias Schmitt (Suspicion Breeds Confidence) & Daniel Voigt (Hering und seine sieben Sachen) in delivering improvised electronic live jams that are tending to bridge their way between the poles of subtle noise/drone and (un-)serious knob tweak ‘n twisting. Following the spooky mumblings and the nightmarish lo-fi ambient textures of Marburg Zoned Out this could also be an alternative soundtrack to a deranged VHS copy of a horror movie.

Additional Info & Credits

Horzes are Tobias Schmitt & Daniel Voigt

Track 01 recorded May 2011 @ Baari Bar Marburg
Track 02 & 03 recorded May 2010 @ Altes Polizeipräsidium, Frankfurt

This tape is released in an edition of 66 on June 17th, 2011

Artwork by Johannes Schebler

Thanks to Johannes, Tommy, Uwe, Oliver & das zone:Bar Team