Baldruin / Least Carpet – Split (sicsic005, C-70)


Baldruin Side
[audio:,,,,,,|titles=Rote Glut,Spinnenwald,Dämmerung,Ferner,Geisterstadt,Gravitation,Ausklang]A01 – Rote Glut (03:12)
A02 – Spinnenwald (03:28)
A03 – Dämmerung (03:29)
A04 – Ferner (02:31)
A05 – Geisterstadt (07:27)
A06 – Gravitation (07:36)
A07 – Ausklang (02:18) 

Least Carpet Side[audio:,|titles=Burnings,Untitled]B01 – Burnings (04:50)
B02 – Untitled* (24:59)


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Crawling from deep underneath!

Baldruin is both haunted and haunting, blending ritualistic psychedelic folk jams with vast, shimmering ambient soundscapes to create a deeply cavernous sound. For fans of Starving Weirdos and RV Paintings.

Guitar & Bouzouki – Least Carpet plays Eastern European influenced psych folk in vein of Steven R. Smith or Thuja. It makes you feel sitting on a bench in front of an old shack, surrounded by nature with sun in your face, daydreaming.


Additional Info & Credits

Baldruin is Johannes Schebler Least Carpet is Marko Martini

*Recorded Live at Jugendkulturhaus Cairo in Würzburg, March 22nd, 2011

This tape is released in an edition of 50, June 2011

Artwork by Johannes Schebler

DFBM – Dying for bad Music – Review

Something new from our beloved Least Carpet project, here on a split tape with Baldruin. Both artist are related to the Phantom Limbo crew, who are very prolific event manager, musicans, radio maker and music consuments.

Least Carpet part is a live set from last year and the fact that this was his second live concert, the recording is really really good. It’s a perfect liveset, consists of his Eastern European influenced folk tunes and loops. Especially Part II is pure magic, with the driving beat. Part III reminds me right now on Neil Youngs guitar work, but it’s less annoying.

Baldruin on the other side is dedicated to more cinematic experimental chamber music. Imagine a surreal black/white movie, this is the soundtrack!



The Sunday Experience / Review by Mark Barton

Something that we suspect admirers of Mr Baker will delight in are the sounds of Least Carpet who turn up on a split cassette release with Baldruin via the previously unknown to us sic sic imprint. Alas we don’t have a physical copy of said cassette or more to the point any information on this particular outing which regular subscribers will no doubt appreciate and understand as to why it was ripe for the picking in these pages. In truth if you must know we were kind of bored and looking for something a little different upon which to start our day – up with the Larks you see resulting from another night of fitful sleep and encouraged by the blinking pulse of a blank screen we literally typed weird psych into the search engine and pressed go. Of course for that split second we did fear the worst – I mean be honest type in weird psych into a search engine and expect something plausible let alone sensible – its not the kind of thing you’d be betting on to reap results. Yet results it did and in the curious guise of what appears to be the rather handy release resource ‘dying for bad music’ which at that point was what I was desperate for – that and a good nights sleep of course.

Back to ‘dying for bad music’ which we were mentioning before we rudely interrupted ourselves – anyhow this lot do a quick round up of worthy releases – a couple a month by the looks of things – and upload the related sound files accompanied by a short and to the point critique (how do they do that I wonder – I’m 300 words into this review and am yet to mention the featured bands / artists names). And well lets be honest I stumbled upon Least Carpet – recalled to myself I’d never heard of them previously and quite frankly liked their name. And so hey presto hence the reason why they (and of course Baldruin) are getting here. Not sure how many of these cassettes are about – lets guess 10 as opposed to say 250 – that way you’ll all be feverishly paypalling your orders this instant the label can get to work releasing more Least Carpet (and of course Baldruin outings) and all will be well with the world.

As said earlier not a lot of info here – though we’ve managed to establish that sic sic tapes are a German imprint (though we alarmingly suspect that they may be Danish – nothing like a spot of detailed research eh? – hang on it is German just checked) – anyway four cuts from the Least Carpet types three recorded live at what was we are led to believe their / his / her second outing with ’live part I’ appealing we suspect to those among you loving of all things Saddar Bazaar, David A Jaycock and stuff emanating from out of both the blackest rainbow and third lobe recordings imprints – this archaic slab of psychotropic mountain folk blues exacts the same kind of loosely improvised meditative lilt as offered by that recent Preterite debut full length ’pillar of winds’ which we mentioned last time out at yet whereas Preterite’s sonic tongue was borne of a timeless air tuned to the work of Dead Can Dance Least Carpet’s is informed of the great folk blues troubadours most notably John Fahey and while ‘part I’ of this triptych may well initially appear somewhat stumbling and ambling in some fog bound slumber trying hard to focus and get a grip of its surroundings ‘part II’ sees itself more than adept at applying itself to the crafting of a deeply intoxicating head wiring spell charm as it cuts something of a snake charming passage through a mesmeric mirage of Tibetan Tablas which ultimately concludes with the 12 minute end parting apparition ’III’ unto which the lightly flecked strum shimmers carve a deeply alluring sense of restful tranquillity amid which a drawing of the invisible dots connecting bardo pond and roy Montgomery are summarily coloured in. let us not forget the opening ’burnings’ all said the best moment here if not least because there’s something of the bleached and barren arid curvatures of Ry Cooder’s ‘paris texas’ soundtrack with cosmic tickets pressed in its hand for a sky bound jaunt to Floyd oblivion.

Over on the other side of the tape lie waiting Baldruin – seven slices of – shall we settle for – shimmer toned chamber sonic reverence and I say that because amid these frost sculptured ether echoes which aside being beguiling and bewitching there’s a sense of unworldly stillness for these oft parched heavenly opines stir ominously with an appeal to admirers of Bronnt and lesser so to the musique concrete mosaics found deep in the Radiophonic vaults, our favourite moment the hauntingly oppressive b-movie mutated sci-fi stew that is ‘gravitation’ as it shares psychotropic mind altering space with EAR and highlights Baldruin’s acuteness for the eerie and atmospheric at times sounding not unlike dreams of tall buildings. Yet amid the hums, the dronal cycles and the chilled bowed chime effects (‘Ausklang’ being one of those check behind the sofa moments) while centrepiece of the set ‘geistertadt’ is sparsely caressed with a becoming hushed balletic majesty that solemnly genuflects gracefully murmuring to a dialect informed by the sound collage pioneers Schaeffer and Henry.