Autistic Argonauts & Ruth-Maria Adam (CDr)

[audio:,,,|titles=Hallo Legebatterie!,Gangschläfer,Diverses aus der 2-Euro-Box,Ein Samstag ohne Planung]01 – Hallo Legebatterie! (07:30)
02 – Gangschläfer (11:54)
03 – Diverses aus der 2-Euro-Box (17:00)
04 – Ein Samstag ohne Planung (05:05)

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Additional Info & Credits

this was released on September  2010 as sicsic003 in an edition of 50.
cdr is now out of print.

Autistic Argonauts are Ruth-Maria Adam, Ronnie Oliveras & Daniel Voigt

Cover by Daniel Voigt
Photo taken by Laurent Orseau